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What types of workers’ compensation benefits can workers receive?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2020 | Firm News

Injured workers in New Jersey may rely on workers’ compensation benefits to get them through a difficult time when they may face injuries, unexpected medical care and potential threats to their livelihood. That is why it is important for injured workers to be familiar with the different types of workers’ compensation benefits and protections available to them in New Jersey.

Workers’ compensation benefits can include:

  • Medical treatment: injured workers’ can receive benefits for the medical treatment and care they need for their workplace injury. This can include hospital services, prescriptions, doctors’ visits and other care and treatment related to the workplace injury they suffered.
  • Temporary Total Disability benefits: injured workers who have been disabled for greater than 7 days can receive workers’ compensation wage benefits for temporary total disability.
  • Permanent Partial Disability benefits: injured workers who have suffered permanent partial disability may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits for their losses. Permanent partial disability benefits are available based on the nature of the worker’s injury so they should be familiar with the types of benefits they can receive.
  • Permanent Total Disability benefits: injured workers who are unable to return to any type of gainful employment due to the injuries they have suffered at work may be able to recover permanent total disability benefits.
  • Death benefits: following a fatal workplace accident, dependents of the worker who was killed on-the-job may be able to receive wage replacement benefits and funeral benefits through workers’ compensation.
  • Third-party claim for damages: though recovery of workers’ compensation benefits is done in place of a personal injury claim against an employer, in some circumstances, if a third party is responsible for the injuries and harm suffered by the worker, the worker may be able to pursue a third-party claim for damages against that party. An example can include a claim against an equipment manufacturer following an equipment-related injury on-the-job.

Injured workers and their families should be familiar with the different protections available to them and how workers’ compensation benefits can help them. They can be vital for workers and loved ones following an unexpected workplace accident.

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