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Deterrence essential in preventing violent attacks on properties

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Premises Liability

A serious or even fatal injury can occur abruptly when violence surfaces while you are out on the town relaxing, visiting a casino, on vacation or simply walking inside a parking ramp. Premises liability situations run the gamut, but the ones involving violent attacks often are the most traumatic.

What do these premises liability situations have in common? At the root is the negligence of a property owner, landlord or business owner. They failed to prevent such incidents that can leave people in shock, permanently disabled and dead.

Safety measures and trained security staff

It is the responsibility of property owners, landlords and business owners to ensure the safety of anyone who ventures on to their premises. Security is essential to ensure the safety of the public while in places such as parking lots, parking ramps, hotels and apartment complexes.

Certain ingredients can provide the opportunity for assailants in a violent attack. They may include:

  • Lack of efficient lighting: Poor lighting in parking ramps, parking lots, hotel and casino entries and lobbies prove attractive to culprits and thieves looking to harm people.
  • Non-existent and inoperable security cameras: It is critical to have operating security cameras, which often prove to be a strong deterrent in preventing violent crimes.
  • Non-working or defective locks on doors and windows: A door or window easily jimmied or opened prove inviting for criminals. Doors and windows must be routinely inspected.
  • Low numbers of security staff: There is strength in numbers. Some companies try to save money by hiring few security employees.
  • Inexperienced or incompetent security staff: This team must undergo proper training. Having qualified security is necessary.

You want reassurance that you and your family remain safe while on vacation or enjoying an evening out. Business and property owners and property management companies must implement essential safeguards to prevent violent attacks.

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