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Helping With All Phases Of The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Process

New Jersey law has very strict rules concerning workers’ compensation benefits. The rules for filing are straightforward, but the penalties for mistakes in the application process can be severe. Simply failing to notify your employer of your accident in writing with the date and time of your injury can result in a rejected claim or less compensation.

Injured Workers: Important Steps To Follow

Following the below steps after a work injury can increase your changes of receiving benefits you need in a timely manner:

  • See a doctor immediately after the accident.
    Even waiting for a couple of days will allow your employer’s insurance company to claim that your injury happened between the time you left work and when you visited the doctor.
  • Inform your doctor that your injury happened in the workplace.
    Your claim can be challenged if the doctor’s chart does not specify that your injury occurred at work.
  • Inform your employer in writing about your injury.
    New Jersey law allows you up to 90 days to notify your employer about your injury, but the sooner you submit your injury report to your supervisor or manager, the less likely it is that your claim will be challenged by the insurance company.
  • Verify that your claim was submitted.
    Your employer has 21 days to submit a First Report of Injury form with the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation. It’s always best to make sure that your employer follows through.

Let Our Team Make Sure Everything Is Done Right

The keys to a successful workers’ compensation claim are acting quickly, accurately completing all documents and submitting them on time. Even small mistakes in the application process may result in having your claim denied. If your first application was denied, you have the right to reapply for benefits. We can help you make sure that all of your documents are in order to give you the best chance of getting benefits when you reapply.

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